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GUI Design

Graphical user interface (GUI) design is one of the most complex projects for graphic designer. Work on GUI design project requires constant communication with product architect and developers who will implement design ideas into actual product. Each step of the project has be carefully discussed and details of the layout should be checked by developers to avoid any technical problems. Teamwork is crucial for successful GUI project.

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Wireframe Design

Wireframe design is usually is necessary step in application and complex website design. It's important to know what element will be on each screen and how elements are related to each other without going in generating complex graphic first. This step saves a lot of time, don't neglect it. It helps everybody to understand application functionality and workflow.

GUI Gallery

Icons / Buttons

Icons are part of Graphical User Interface (GUI) design of each application and website which has at least some functionality. Similar to road signs, icons should lead you and tell what action to take now or what are your options – "go forward", "go back", "save", "print", "open"... Same as highway signs, icons must give you clear directions in very limited time. We don't have time to guess what sign means, we have to act without reading instructions.

GUI Gallery